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The Michigan Glass Project is a unique 3 day glass, art, and music festival held each summer at the Russell Industrial Center, an iconic relic of Detroit’s historic auto industry.


Festival attendees share the space with hundreds of exceptional artists who have gathered from all over the country to blow glass, paint, and create art live in two massive indoor spaces, each featuring smaller stages showcasing DJs and local musicians. Headlining musical acts perform on the main stage overlooking the outdoor festival grounds where guests can explore and enjoy a food court, a beer garden, vendors, and noteworthy art installations. Hands on art activities for visitors of all ages dot the footprint. 


The event culminates with multiple art auctions, both silent and live where festival goers have the opportunity to purchase the creations made throughout the weekend. The proceeds collected benefit art education and enrichment for Detroit children. 


Whether it’s to hear a favorite musician, talk techniques with world-renowned artists, observe the creative process, win a favorite piece of artwork in the auctions, meet new friends, or just party, MGP is an extraordinary must-have experience in a landmark space in Detroit. 


With collaboration, community, and connection at its core, this festival is unparalleled, creating an environment for artists, makers, and patrons to join forces for a worthy cause. The Michigan Glass Project is a haven for regenerative and meaningful art, art that inspires, art that empowers, art that transforms, ”Art That Gives Back.”


Friday June 21, 2024

Saturday June 22, 2024

Sunday June 23, 2024

The Russell Industrial Center

1600 Clay Street

Detroit, MI 48211







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