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Our mission is to unite artists through charitable events that create and foster positive change in the community.


We believe that by providing a diverse event space where every individual has an opportunity to offer their unique talents and personal niches, we can reach an impactful goal as a team.


Since our inception, hundreds of artists from all over the country have come together to create art which we then sell to raise money for a worthy cause via silent, live, and Instagram auctions.



In 2015, we began a partnership with Art Road, a Detroit nonprofit actively reintroducing art classes into Detroit Public School curriculums. Our shared passion in fostering creativity and imagination in young minds helps ensure a strong future for Detroit and the world.


51 out of 83 Detroit Public Schools or approximately 24,000 students in Detroit are without art class. Started by Carol Hofgartner, Art Road's mission is to provide art classes, supplies, and instructors to elementary schools in Detroit. So far, Art Road has reached 4 schools. Through our partnership we hope to increase this number.


We were able to raise $40,000 for Art Road in Detroit in 2015 - more than the total amount we raised in 3 years for our previous beneficiary.


2016 saw the donation amount double thanks to an iconic collaboration between glass all-stars Banjo, Phil Siegel, and Brandon Martin. The piece they created, named “Ngasa,” represented growth, re-birth, and re-purpose. “Ngasa” sold for $40,000 at auction, bringing our 2016 donation total up to $80,000.


The “Spectral Crystal Devi” was the star of 2017, helping us reach a very significant milestone. A mash-up of many styles and artistic backgrounds, this collaborative piece sold for $70,000 at auction, allowing us to write a $100,000 check to Art Road.


We were able to meet our lofty goal of $125,000 in 2018 thanks in part to a 29-way collaboration headed by Salt who was in his second year with the MGP. 


2019 exceeded expectations once again with a check worth $130,000. Through the collaborative efforts of artists from all over the country, we were proud to be able to say we had raised over half a million dollars for our beneficiaries in 8 years.

The return of MGP in 2023, after our three year hiatus was full of incredible special moments. There was no shortage of positive energy and beautiful souls present to re-kindle the MGP spirit and continue the Art That Gives Back mission. We were able to present Art Road with a $50,000 check at Happy Art Day at Thomas Edison Elementary Fall of 2023.

We are beyond stoked to bring the magic back for our 2024 event this June!

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Belle Isle Aquarium Detroit
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On the Detroit River, nestled between US and Canada lies a 982-acre island known as Belle Isle Park. Before it was leased to the State of Michigan, Belle Isle was the largest city-owned park in the country. 


Located on Belle Isle is the Bell Isle Aquarium, housed in a Beaux-Arts style building designed by architect Albert Kahn. In operation from August 18, 1904 to April 3, 2005, the Aquarium was the oldest, continuously operating aquarium in North America. Unfortunately the doors were closed in 2005 due to a lack of funding.


In 2007, Vance Patrick and Jennifer Boardman were handed the keys to the Aquarium with the hopes of seeing the Aquarium brought back to life. With help from the group, Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium, they began to organize volunteers to help fundraise for and repair the Aquarium building.


In 2012, the Belle Isle Conservancy was formed to unite Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium with 3 other nonprofits on Belle Isle. Patrick and Boardman maintained their goal of reopening the Aquarium by holding fundraisers, organizing volunteer efforts, and being advocates for the Aquarium during this time.


In July of that same year, we held our first Michigan Glass Project with the hope of raising money for the Aquarium’s revitalization.


On the 108th year anniversary of the Aquarium’s original opening, the building reopened its doors to the public thanks to the collective efforts of many Detroiters.

We continued to direct our efforts every year from 2012 until 2014 to  contribute to the Belle Isle Aquarium.

Today you can visit the Aquarium three days out of the week.

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