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Our success depends on contributions and support from all aspects of the community. Joined together as one, we become a united force, one beating heart in unison for the chosen mission. We can create positive change together.


The funds you donate will be allocated one of two ways... directly to our charity or to expenses for holding our event which in turns helps us to raise more money for our cause. Use the link below to make a monetary contribution to The Michigan Glass Project. For more information on exactly how we allocate funds, contact us at

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We are experts when it comes to selling your art for the cause. Artists are welcome and encouraged to bring art to donate to the silent auction during the event. We also accept shipped donations that will be sold in the silent auction or throughout the year on our IG page.


             The Russell Industrial Center

             ATTN: The Michigan Glass Project

             1600 Clay Street

             Detroit, MI 48211


Our huge event is made possible by generous partners and sponsors. The money and supplies provided by our sponsors help cover our costs and allows for bigger donations to our beneficiary. We've been so fortunate over the years to have tireless support from companies and businesses who support us in such big ways. If your company would like to help us make the whole thing possible, consider sponsorship!

From hanging posters to offering legal services, we can utilize any skills you may bring to the table. We cannot hold our event without the dedicated efforts of many volunteers. We depend on and appreciate each one of you for your support, energy, and time to make our event a success. We offer shifts at ticketing, bar, security etc throughout the weekend, in exchange for a ticket to the show.

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We love to offer torch time to glass artists who would like to sculpt and melt for our cause. We just ask that you be courteous, understanding, and keep in mind that the more artists we include the harder it is to organize and to make everyone happy. But we do the best we can! Participation is not limited to glassblowers, but artists of any medium; metal workers, ceramic shapers, painters, musicians, and foodies are welcome.

Here in Detroit, we have a very close knit group of artists and entrepreneurs. We value everyone's contribution to our community. Vending space is open to crafters, artisans, and businesses that would like to peddle their wares. Our event is open to the public and we want it to serve as a meeting grounds for like minded folks regionally and nationally. 

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